The Master Chief joins Brawlhalla

The Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved crossover event is now live.

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From Ubisoft:

The Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved is live, bringing two Epic Crossovers, Sidekick, Weapon Skins, Avatars, and more! The Master Chief, an Epic Crossover for Isaiah, has been raised as a fighter since childhood, turning him into a renowned Spartan super-soldier that has inspired generations of players. In Brawlhalla, he uses the SPNKr Rocket Launcher and Magnum Pistols to defeat his opponents; for his Signature Attacks, he uses an arsenal of signature weapons to KO enemies (with a little help from Guilty Spark). The Arbiter, an Epic Crossover for Sidra, fights alongside or against the Master Chief with unyielding tenacity and unmatched skills in combat. The Arbiter wields a Fuel Rod Cannon and Energy Sword in Brawlhalla, and his Signature Attacks have him fighting the Flood and using the parasites against his opponents.

A Banshee, the Covenant's iconic ground support aircraft, is the new Sidekick that will bring players back to stage and drop off Weapons for them to use. The Epic Crossover also includes the Mongoose Buddy Emote, new Halo Map, and the Oddbrawl game mode, where players can earn points simply by holding the Oddball and get bonus XP for landing attacks with it. Newly available Weapon Skins include the Gravity Hammer, Needlers, and Grifball, among others; different Avatars include Cortana's Goodbye, John-117, and The Flood. Log in between July 12 and August 2 to receive the free "Spartan" Title. All other Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved Items will still be available for purchase and to play after the Event ends.

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