Battlefield 2042 launching The Arkangel Directive

The Arkangel Directive event will run in Battlefield 2042 from July 11th through July 25th.

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From EA:

A combined arms battle never seen before, The Arkangel Directive features two factions dedicated to the most advanced robotics and AI technologies on Earth engaged in heavy conflict, fighting to win control in a brand-new game mode.

Control is a new 24v24 game mode played across Reclaimed, Orbital and Valparaiso, where players will claim satellites around the map, collect telemetry data to upload to the Arkangel Satellite and earn points to call in mid-game bonuses to turn the tide of battle.

Players can expect unique gameplay rewards during the Arkangel Directive event, including rare backgrounds and epic weapon skins, headgear and charms. The store will have new bundles and item rotations to check out as well.

You may find the full Battlefield Briefing blog about the event here.

The Arkangel Directive

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