Hearthstone going big

Blizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone will release its next expansion, TITANS, in August.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Hearthstone going big

PREPARE, MORTALS! The gods of the Warcraft universe have arrived on the planet of Azeroth. From their city of Ulduar, the titans are using their massive forges to create the races that will inhabit the world, all while setting them up for success! This expansion is packed full of advanced titan technologies, with 145 brand new cards - including 11 Legendary Titan minions - a new Keyword: Forge, a returning Keyword: Magnetic, and an all-new Twist on the Classic mode.

• The TITANS expansion consists of 145 new collectible cards and is coming in August!
• The TITANS Pre-Purchase Mega Bundle includes 80 packs, 5 Golden packs, 1 random Signature Legendary, 1 random Golden Legendary, the Death Knight Inge Hero Skin and cardback, and a Diamond Zilliax Legendary card. The Standard Bundle includes 60 packs, 2 non-golden random Legendary cards, and the Inge cardback.
• Upon login starting June 27, all players will receive Prison of Yogg-Saron, the first neutral Legendary Location!

• New Titan Minions: The pantheon of Titans shaped Azeroth with their technologies, and now it’s your turn! Each of the eleven Titans comes with a passive ability, plus three additional abilities specific to the class it represents. Each turn will allow you to play one of the abilities, and the Titan will be able to attack normally once all three are used. Strategize the abilities to maximize your Titan’s impact!
• New Keyword: Forge: Cards with the keyword Forge can be upgraded while in your hand. For the cost of two mana, simply drag the card back into your deck. This is considered “forging”, and the card will immediately return to your hand with an upgraded mechanic.
• Returning Keyword: Magnetic: First introduced in ‘The Boomsday Project’ expansion, the popular keyword Magnetic is returning to the meta—more so than before! Now, cards with Magnetic won’t require a space on the board to magnetize to others, allowing you to build a stronger lineup.

• Beginning with Patch 26.6, Hearthstone will be replacing the Classic Mode with a new Mode called Twist! Twist is a Hearthstone ladder Mode with regularly rotating seasons, each with a twist on the rules! Twist formats can include curated card pools and special rulesets.
• To start us off for the first season, we’ll have New Age, an evergreen format that includes the Core Set, plus all sets from Ashes of Outland onward. As new sets are added to the game, they will be added to the New Age pool, and could be brought back from time to time.
• For this season, there will also be a special rules variant to the New Age format: no neutrals allowed. This will let you re-experience the former cards, but through new eyes!

• Join the annual midsummer celebration from July 11-August 1 with special Event Quests and prizes for both Traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds, including a bunch of Packs, the Felblaze Illidan Demon Hunter skin, and the Sparkhoarder Togwaggle Battlegrounds Hero Skin.

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