Fallout 76 is heading to Atlantic City

Bethesda Softworks
Fallout 76 will be adding a new Atlantic City in an all-new Expedition, allowing players to hit the road for Atlantic City.

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From Bethesda Softworks:

Visit Atlantic City in an all-new Expedition, coming soon to Fallout 76! Bring your lucky shirt before hitting the casinos – you don’t just gamble with money down at the post-atomic boardwalk…it can be your hide that’s on the line, too!

Expeditions take players beyond the borders of Appalachia to someplace completely different as they complete missions, explore new territory and of course, collect exciting new loot… er, souvenirs. Have yet to venture on an Expedition? Give it a whirl with some friends today with The Pitt, an Expedition to the ruins of Pittsburgh, available now for all Fallout 76 players.

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