Digital Dragons 2023 announces Game Award winners

Digital Dragons
Dying Light 2 took home the top award for Polish Game of the Year at Digital Dragons 2023.

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From Digital Dragons:
Digital Dragons 2023 announces Game Award winners

Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland’s hit mix of plot-driven action and survival horror won awards in the Best Polish Game and Best Polish Game Design categories. Other games to receive the legendary dragon eggs are Serial Cleaners (Best Polish Game Art), BLACKTAIL (Best Polish Game Audio), Cyberpunk 2077 (Best Ongoing Polish Game) and Elden Ring (Best Foreign Game).

The Special Recognition Awards, given out by Kraków Technology Park to those especially well-deserving in the Polish games industry, went to Lukasz Hacura – founder of Anshar Studios. It’s worth mentioning that the company – responsible for the popular Gamedec, among others – is celebrating its tenth year of operation.

"The last couple years belong to the darker winners of Digital Dragons Awards – last year The Medium won while this year Dying Light 2 is celebrating. Techland did its absolute best releasing a sequel worthy of its great first installment. While the competition was stiff, Aiden’s adventures can once again boast fluent parkour, combat that’s just a lot of fun and adrenaline that’s boiling during night time treks through the city. The game’s promised constant evolution and support over the years guarantees new expansions and activities as we wait for the next game. While I’m used to the high quality of Polish games I am still tremendously happy that such big titles are being made in our studios." - said Marcin Wronka,, jury member.

"At this year’s Digital Dragons Awards we saw the triumphs of literally giant games – Cyberpunk, Dying Light 2, Elden Ring. Quite deserved triumphs, results of not only budgets and hard work, but also great design, gameplay and devotion to their fans. But it is also a victory for the indie or premium indie segments: Serial Cleaners and BLACKTAIL are authentically, audio-visually outstanding in a way that seemingly only smaller titles can manage. In fact, all the nominees deserved to win, including the smaller, adorable Railbound. Not to mention the titles that weren’t nominated – it’s not their fault but of the absolute cornucopia provided by the Polish and global gamedev." - Jacek Wandzel, Digital Dragons Awards and Indie Showcase coordinator added.

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