Digital Dragons 2023 announces conference tracks

Digital Dragons
The conference tracks and speakers for Digital Dragons 2023 were released today.

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From Digital Dragons:
Digital Dragons 2023 announces conference tracks

The Digital Dragons conference is an international B2B event for gamedev organized by the Krakow Technology Park, which attracts hundreds of creators and developers from all over the world to Wawel Castle every year. During the event, which takes place May 15-16, participants can not only take advantage of the rich program offer, but also take part in the Digital Dragons Awards gala for the best Polish games of the past year, get acquainted with the most interesting productions of independent studios in the special Indie Zone or make new business acquaintances in the networking zone. Tickets at the regular price are on sale until the end of April.

What will the invited guests talk about? Among the proposed topics we will find a full cross-section of game design issues. Among the lectures prepared by the Techland team there will be something for listeners interested in both the artistic and narrative aspect of game development, as well as the technological or business part of the process. Magda Jankowska will talk about designing open worlds in such a way as to stimulate players natural curiosity. Julia Szynkaruk's lecture will be about the difficult art of compromise - the audience will learn how Dying Light 2 managed to reconcile the vastness of its world and the quality of graphics with smooth operation on the older generation of consoles.

Creating a feeria of distinctive sounds for Evil West will be the subject of a lecture by Michal Korniewicz and Dawid W. Mika. His colleagues from Flying Wild Hog will also talk about the ways of conducting narration or constructing levels (Maria Borys-Piatkowska and Yasen Stoynev) or cooperation within the game development team (Tomasz Gop).Adrian Fuentes Vazquez, Design Director, will give a talk on the benefits of product thinking for game designers and how they can work with product teams to develop more effective tactics.

Quest designers from CD PROJEKT RED - Moritz Lehr and Pawel Sasko - will also talk about issues related to the creation of scenarios and game characters. Kuba Jankowski will discuss the legal aspects of using works produced with the help of AI, and Kacper Niepokólczycki - Lead Environment Artist - will explain how he reconciled the function of a team leader with the soul of an artist while working on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

"It is extremely valuable that the developers of the best Polish games are involved in building the conference agenda. The audience is always thirsty for first-hand knowledge, from their own experience, and if it comes from working on the most famous titles - all the better for the listeners," says Maciej Sliwinski, program coordinator of the conference.

See the full conference schedule here.

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