hololive takes command in World of Warships

The latest update for World of Warships includes a new Seychelles map, an Allied Heroes collection, and four new Japanese VTuber commanders.

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From Wargaming.net:
hololive takes command in World of Warships

Sail into the Seychelles

Expanding the horizons of Warships’ waters, a new map of the tropical Seychelles Islands has been introduced in Update 12.3. Bearing strong resemblance to the mountainous islands of Praslin and La Digue, this new, leafy green map will be available for both Random and Co-op Battles. Ships spanning Tier V-IX can compete in Domination mode with four key areas, scattered across the map in two different variations.

A New Allied Heroes Collection
  World of Warships also welcomes a themed “Allied Heroes” Collection in dedication to the end of World War II in Europe. With 12 different elements to collect, players who complete each section will be rewarded with corresponding Commanders for the allied nations, each equipped with 10 skill points. These elements can be found through new “Allied Heroes” containers, which are obtainable for credits and free XP in the Armory. Sitting at the end of the entire collection is a redeemable three-days of Warships Premium Account.

Say Hello to hololive production

Closing out Update 12.3’s content drop, hololive production characters make a return to the game. Four Japanese virtual bloggers (VTubers) join the ranks of Commanders. Choose from different commanders including Watson Amelia and Takanashi Kiara, who are each equipped with their own unique voiceover, to take the helm in battle. Alongside these new additions, this partnership also introduces a special expendable camouflage and a commemorative flag.

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