Hearthstone kicks-off Festival of Legends

Blizzard Entertainment
The Festival of Legends expansion for Hearthstone is now live.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Hearthstone kicks-off Festival of Legends

With 145 brand new cards, including a legendary setlist of new Soloist minions and Harmonic spells, a new Keyword: Finale, and a new Priest Class Keyword: Overheal, this expansion is pure music to your ears.


• Legendary Musicians and Songs: Each class has their own Legendary musician, plus a Legendary spell that showcases that musician’s most famous song. Plus all-new class instrument weapon cards carry special effects that improve while in play.

• Soloist Minions and Harmonic Spells: Soloist Minions have special Battlecry effects if they’re the only minion in your control, while Harmonic Spells switch between harmonic and dissonant frequencies each turn they’re in hand, giving players an opportunity to flex between strategies.

• New Keyword: Finale: Cards with the new Finale keyword get special bonuses if playing them uses up all remaining mana.


• The Priest class receives a tune-up starting with the Festival of Legends expansion (includes Core Set, too).

• New Class Keyword: Overheal gives Minions with Overheal a special effect that triggers when they are healed above their max health.


• Originally introduced with the United in Stormwind set, Tradeable will be an evergreen keyword starting this year. New Tradeable cards will be introduced throughout the Year of the Wolf and for years to come.

• Also new to this update is the inclusion of a handful of past Magnetic minions. Magnetic is a temporary keyword added to Core this year and will not necessarily stay in Core beyond this update.

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