Hearthstone hosting a battle of the bands

Blizzard Entertainment
During Hearthstone’s “Festival of Legends” livestream on April 7th at 10:00 AM PDT the game's hero classes will battle it out for best musical performance.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:
Festival of Legends

Tune into the finale of Hearthstone’s “Festival of Legends” livestream on April 7, starting at 10 AM PDT! Hearthstone’s favorite hero classes are battling it out to determine the best musical performance in all of Azeroth.

Viewers can vote for their favorite hero class via Twitter and collect up to 2 card packs, one for every 30 minutes watched. Mega Bundles will also be given away in the livestream chat. See below my signature for the setlist. Winners of the player vote will perform tomorrow morning at 10 AM PST.

• Pop/BoyBand (Priest)
• Song: You Won’t Break My Hearth(stone)
• Artist: Poison Bloom

• Emo (Demon Hunter)
• Song: My Ravens May Be Dark, But My Heart is Full of Light
• Artist: Halveria Darkraven

• Disco (Paladin)
• Song: Stealin’ Life, Feelin’ Alright
• Artist: Kangor, Dancing King

• Metal (Death Knight)
• Song: Devoted to Rage
• Artist: Blight Boar

• Psychedelic Rock (Druid)
• Song: Porcine Peace
• Artist: Zok Fogsnout

• Hip-Hop (Rogue)
• Song: Bling Town
• Artist: MC Blingtron

• Classic Rock (Warrior)
• Song: Black Rock Down
• Artist: Rock Master Voone

• Electronic (Mage)
• Song: 10 Mana
• Artist: DJ Manastorm

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