PUBG: Battlegrounds serving up monster chicken

In celebration of April Fools Day, PUBG: Battlegrounds is hosting Bizarre Battle Royale mode inside LABS through April 10th.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds serving up monster chicken

Available now through April 10, Bizarre Battle Royale is a wild mode where players battle amidst giant monstrous chickens and zombies using special abilities. Based on the Lone Survivor character's “dreams,” this mind-boggling April Fool's experience lets players collect OP coins from zombies, unlucky players, or chickens to buy temporary OP items for special powers like increased HP, invulnerability, the ability to see enemies on the map, and more. Like standard Battle Royale, the last team standing wins, though the top three teams earn extra OP coins for future matches.

We also have prepared a small event for players to enjoy the mode even more. Those who play the Bizarre Battle Royale mode at least one time will earn a Bizarre Survivor Emblem. Playing the mode five times will earn players and a Hunter's Chest / Key.

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