Civilization VI comes to Game Pass

2K Games
Civilization VI for PC and Xbox One joined Xbox Game Pass today.

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From 2K Games:
Civilization VI comes to Game Pass

Think you have what it takes to lead an ancient civilization into the modern day? Now's your chance to prove it in this turn-based strategy classic.

In Civilization VI, players will be able to choose and lead different civilizations, each with their own Leader, ability, as well as a unique unit and infrastructure option. Playing as America, for example, lets your military take to the skies in P-51 Mustangs when the time comes, and you'll be able to improve your peoples' culture and attract great people by building a film studio. Play as Egypt, and your military advantage will come into play much earlier in the form of Maryannu chariot archers, and you can increase both culture and faith among your people by building the Sphinx. Whatever your playstyle, there's a civilization that'll suit you perfectly. Regardless of which civilization you lead, you can win the game with science, culture, religion, military might, or—if the game ends before anyone achieves one of those victories—with a score that takes progress from all four areas into account. When you factor in those win conditions alongside the different rival civilizations and world maps you have to navigate, as well as any other players you might encounter in online multiplayer, no two games of Civilization VI are ever likely to be the same.

On the Windows Store, PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players will have access to all 20 base game Civilizations when playing on PC. On console, seven additional Leaders and Civilizations will be playable, bringing the roster to 27 Civilizations for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players! Civilization VI also supports cloud saves between PC & Xbox when linked to a 2K account, as well as cross-play between PC platforms.

Still, more possibilities are included in Civilization VI's expansion and content packs, which introduce new civilizations, units, buildings, environmental disasters, engineering projects, a new diplomacy win condition, the World Congress, and so much more. With the exception of Leader Pass content, which is coming to PC only in March, the rest of Civilization VI's expansion and content packs are now available for purchase. Should you decide to purchase Civilization VI, you'll keep your progress from the Game Pass version so you can keep playing.

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