Pinball FX rolls into release

Zen Studios
Pinball FX has launched on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox as a free-to-play game, and will come to Switch in the spring. Additional tables are available for purchase or through a subscription.

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From Zen Studios:

Fans of the Pinball FX franchise have long appreciated its healthy mix of original and licensed tables, each brought to life with gameplay and special effects impossible on a physical table. A Pinball Pass subscription ($14.99 per month) allows unlimited access to over 70 of the 86 launch tables, or they can be purchased in multipacks such as Star Wars Pinball Collection 1 (10 tables), Marvel Pinball Collection 1 (11 tables), Universal Classics Pinball (3 tables) or Gearbox Pinball (3 tables).

All returning tables from previous editions have been fully remastered in Unreal Engine, with ray-tracing-enhanced, 4K-HDR visuals, as well as upgraded Pro Physics. Not lacking in fresh downloadable content, Pinball FX also introduces three brand-new releases: Borderlands: Vault Hunter Pinball, Brothers in Arms: Win the War Pinball and The Addams Family (itself including never-before-seen enhanced play, as with all Williams classics).

At the same time, console players can get their hands on more than 15 tables for the first time which Pinball FX early access players have already been able to enjoy, such as Star Wars Pinball: The Mandalorian, World War Z Pinball, DreamWorks Pinball, five Zen Originals, plus Williams classics World Cup Soccer and The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot. Zen will release new tables regularly, many involving exciting new licensed IPs – most immediately, Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla vs. Kong.

Beyond the tables themselves, the hub area invites players to fully customize the “Pin Hall” trophy room of their dreams, with items earned from personal pinball achievements. Players can also engage with specialized tournaments and events there created both by themselves and Zen. Accessible via the Pin Hall later this year, Pinball Royale mode combines classic pinball with player-elimination gameplay for a fresh take on battle royale. It also exemplifies Zen’s commitment to adding new features, gameplay and especially tables on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

“I think it’s fair to say that this is the biggest single day in the history of Zen Studios – and maybe even digital pinball itself,” said Mel Kirk, Chief Operating Officer at Zen Studios. “The future has never been brighter for Pinball FX as a franchise, and we cannot wait to show you some of the other great stuff we have in store for the future.”

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