Battlefield 2042 reveals Battle of Nordvik

The Battle of Nordvik event in Battlefield 2042 will begin on December 20th.

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From EA:

Welcome to Battle of Nordvik.

We invite you to join us on the Battlefield for a new special in-game event* starting on December 20. It runs for a total of 3 weeks, with a different time-limited and unique experience available each week.

When Nordvik’s secret alliance with the West is revealed, Eastern Forces retaliate with an aggressive siege of this remote facility in the Swedish wilderness. Join the Nordvik Control Corps or the Black Storm regiment in the three-week power struggle that marks a turning point in the global conflict between two superpowers.

The Factions

Black Storm - For their united assault on Nordvik, Eastern Forces have activated Black Storm, a shadow ops regiment trained in the art of infiltration and assassination. In Black Storm, you lead the charge and break your enemy to take what’s yours – “the only retreat is death,” as they say. Do you have what it takes to stand amongst them?

Nordvik Control Corps - The Nordvik Control Corps protects the corporation’s interests around the globe, but today they prepare for an unprecedented assault on home soil. Supported by Western Forces, the Control Corps will defend Nordvik’s primary manufacturing site – production shall resume once the enemy is terminated. Will you answer the call and hold the line?

The Conflict

Week 1 // The Assault on Nordvik - Conquest Assault // December 20-27

The notorious Black Storm regiment leads the attack on Nordvik. While the Eastern militia attempts to seize the surrounding territory, the Nordvik Control Corps battles to secure the region, halting Black Storm’s advance before it is too late.

This is 32v32 Conquest Assault with a focus on fast-paced ground-only warfare. The conflict starts with the defending team holding all objectives and waiting for the incoming assault. Every decision matters as you fight over key positions across the Battlefield.

Throughout the fight the stakes remain high for the defenders as you’ll find your HQ spawn disabled. Rely on your squad and the EBLC-Ram’s Team Insertion Beacon to remain in the fight and hold the objectives at all costs. If you lose all objectives and your full team is out of play.. it’s game over.

But capturing the Nordvik facility won’t be easy. As an attacker you’ll start the assault with an increased Ticket Count to help you infiltrate into enemy territory. You’ll need it for the fight to come.

Week 2 // The Defense of Nordvik - Retribution // December 27 - January 3

Opposing Forces have smashed Nordvik’s defenses and gained control of the facility. It’s now up to the Nordvik Control Corps to strike back with Retribution.

As Black Storm fights to hold the line, Nordvik Control Corps infiltrates the facility to destroy M-COMs containing highly valuable data before it’s compromised by enemy hands.

Get ready for Retribution. A 16v16 twist on Conquest which combines elements of Conquest, Breakthrough and Rush into a single mode where attackers fight their way towards the frontlines while securing objectives along the way. Teamplay is the key to success towards victory.

If you are successful at breaking through the enemy lines towards the final objective then the match will transition into an all-out Rush where you attempt to arm strategically placed M-COMs around the Nordvik facility.

As a defender, you’ll plan your defense carefully to keep control of the facility at all costs. The enemy is coming at you with everything they have for this final assault, and it’s up to you to keep them at bay until you’ve safely extracted the valuable data.

Week 3 // The Liberation of Nordvik - Breakthrough Chaos // January 3-10

The Nordvik Control Corps receives help from US reinforcements and stages a larger counter-offensive. Black Storm and Eastern Forces mount a fierce defense as the Nordvik Control Corps leads the assault to liberate Nordvik from its occupiers

This is the final battle where full-on Breakthrough Chaos will decide the conflict. This week, gameplay is scaled up to new intensity and supports up to 128* players as you give it your all. fFight your way across the Battlefield as a tight unit with modifiers such as increased movement speed, faster redeploy times and faster vehicle call-ins.

The Spoils

Get your hands on the spoils of war during the time-limited Battle of Nordvik Event. Various new cosmetic rewards and bundles become available to earn, claim or purchase.

Earn Ribbons within each week’s unique game to unlock the unique gameplay rewards for each given week. The Store will have free bundles for you to claim, as well as two new bundles for purchase.

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