Dragonflight takes flight

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft launched its Dragonflight expansion today, opening the Dragon Isles continent for exploration.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

Heroes of the Horde and Alliance are called back to Azeroth to explore the mystical Dragon Isles and its ancient secrets, where the dragon aspects have returned to reclaim their kingdom and ancestral home.

“Dragonflight goes to the heart of what players have always loved about World of Warcraft—exploration, customization, and the feeling of wonder as the world and its stories unfold,” said Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “The updates to core systems, such as the new talent trees, build on the legacy of WoW for players of all types, allowing old friends and new to enjoy everything Azeroth has to offer for years to come.”

The new Dragon Isles continent is comprised of five vibrant zones, which are some of the largest by area in the history of WoW: the Forbidden Reach, the new starting zone for the dracthyr race; the primordial Waking Shores, an untamed land brimming with elemental energies; the windswept Ohn’ahran Plains, home to proud centaur clans; the expansive Azure Span, where tuskarr fish amidst arcane ruins; and gleaming Thaldrazsus, the seat of power for the dragon aspects and home of the dragon capital city Valdrakken.

Dragonflight introduces the first ever race/class combo for World of Warcraft, the dracthyr Evoker. Featuring an abundance of character customization options and starting out at level 58, dracthyr Evokers are the first ranged damage class to be added to World of Warcraft since the game’s launch 18 years ago. Players can channel the magics of the dragon flights, maneuvering across battlefields as they heal their allies or damage their foes while utilizing all-new Empowered spellcasting.

Take flight early on in Dragonflight with Dragonriding, an all-new and exhilarating means of aerial exploration, where adventurers can dive down from height on a ridable Dragon Isles Drakes to gain speed before pulling up on the reigns to glide and swoop on built momentum. Besides competing in timed trials and multiplayers races, players can collect a bevy of account-wide appearance customizations and skill upgrades for four earnable drakes throughout the Dragon Isles on their journey to the new level cap of 70.

Core systems have been reimagined for Dragonflight, and each will see further updates through a phased approach throughout the expansion:

• An All-New Talent Tree System offers unprecedented control over gameplay, more impactful choices at every level, and new ability combinations. Starter talent builds are available to help new or returning adventurers, and talent builds can be saved, swapped, and shared with friends.

• The Redesigned Heads-Up Display (HUD) and User Interface looks great on modern displays and surfaces important gameplay info more effectively. The HUD UI is now easily customizable for all types of players with the addition of edit mode and allows for easily sharing loadouts.

• Enhanced Professions, now a pillar of gear acquisition, allow for living the fantasy of a master crafter or gatherer and building a clientele through new player-driven work orders, unlockable specializations, and the addition of a quality system for crafting and gathering.

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