Battlefield 2042 offering free access in December

Battlefield 2042 will be offering a series of free access periods in December.

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From EA:
Battlefield 2042

Players can log in during the Free Access periods to earn the Battlefield 2042 Welcome Pack, including a collection of new cosmetics, as well as instant access to the Season 1 and 2 Specialists, Lis and Crawford – giving players a total of 13 Specialists to choose from! Over 15 maps will be available, including 4 reworked battlefields from 2042’s launch. Additionally, more than 100 weapons and gadgets, and 40+ powerful vehicles can be found and utilized across six unique game modes.

All standard Battle Pass content tiers can be unlocked while playing for free, and players can purchase a Premium Battle Pass to access even more tiers. Players who decide to buy Battlefield 2042 will have their in-game purchases and earned progression carry over.

Be the first to deploy with these timeframes for each Free Access period:
• Xbox: Download and play free from December 1, 12:01 AM PT – December 4, 11:59 PM PT.
• Steam: Download and play free from December 1, 10 AM PT – December 5, 10 AM PT.
• PlayStation: Download and play free from December 16, 8 AM PT – December 23, 8 AM PT.

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