Gin Rummy dealt to XBLA

Sierra today announced the release of Gin Rummy on XBLA.


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From Sierra:

First introduced to the world almost 100 years ago, Gin Rummy comes to life online, where players can 'knock' out opponents with big scores and bonus points for endless hours of casual card game fun.

"Gin Rummy is one of the oldest and most popular card games in the world," said Nicole Perez, vice president of marketing, Sierra Online. "Bringing this classic to XBLA allows for new generations of players to experience this game and play against friends from around the world."

In Gin Rummy, players strategically select the right cards to create combinations of sets and runs to complete their hand, and in turn cleverly discard to minimize the risk of getting caught with a handful of high cards. Featuring six popular game modes, including Classic, Speed Gin, Hollywood Gin and Three-Hand Gin, players can also create their own rules for a truly unique experience. The game comes with rapid automatic scoring at the end of each match to get a detailed breakdown of each player's points and bonuses.

Gin Rummy features multiplayer for up to four players, with Xbox LIVE Vision support that lets players build up the atmosphere as the games progress. In addition, players can select from numerous game themes, including game skins, card decks and entertaining music selections.



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