Minecraft freezes over

Mojang Studios
Minecraft Education and BBC Earth are bringing Frozen Planet II to Minecraft.

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From Mojang Studios:

If you’ve ever started a new Minecraft game and spawned in the middle of an ice plains biome, then you’ll know a thing or two about trying to survive in a difficult environment. With no trees, thick ice, and continually freezing water, trying to build a thriving base in this biome is tricky even on Peaceful mode. Now imagine if you were one of the real-life creatures that called a freezing environment like this your home. What would that be like? How would you survive? What challenges might you face? In the astounding new Frozen Planet II DLC from the teams at Minecraft: Education Edition and BBC Earth, you can now experience these frozen landscapes for yourself through the eyes of the creatures that live there – for free with Minecraft: Education Edition or on the Marketplace!

Launching alongside the BBC’s much-anticipated Frozen Planet II series, this incredible 5-part adventure has something for everyone, and is suitable for children, adults, and everyone in between! Start your adventure today with the Frozen Worlds map, and check back each week for new content, releasing until October 18. Each single-player adventure features a unique landscape, and lets you discover the hostile habitats of some of the world’s most fascinating creatures first-hand.

In the first map you’ll start your exploration of the Cryosphere – the frozen parts of our world – and play as three special creatures from the Frozen Planet II series: the polar bear, the killer whale, and the Lapland bumblebee. Submerge yourself in icy waters and learn how killer whales hunt as a pack for their prey as you play as their matriarch. Take to the skies as a special Lapland bumblebee, and discover how these resilient creatures gather nectar in such a harsh landscape. You can even play as a polar bear protecting her cubs across swathes of thick ice! The last time I came across a polar bear in my Overworld I lost five hearts and quite a lot of dignity, so being able to play as these powerful creatures is an exciting new twist! You’ll also get to experience the challenges of a warming climate firsthand too, and learn how each of these incredible creatures must adapt.

In the next four free maps, released weekly, your epic expedition will continue. Venture through snow-covered forests, over frozen peaks and across vast continents of ice as you meet new creatures and conduct important scientific research to understand how climate change affects them. Play as a walrus and slide down slippery slopes, stalk the forests as an Amur leopard, soar above the snow as a golden eagle, build a nest as a chinstrap penguin, and even become a valuable member of the documentary crew!

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