Penko Park opening on Switch

Secret Mode
Penko Park is headed to Switch on September 27th.

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From Secret Mode:

Picture this: you’re alone in an abandoned, haunted wildlife reserve, armed with nothing but a camera. Out of the corner of your eye you spot something rustling in the bushes. It’s enough to make you shutter…

Penko Park is a game about exploring an abandoned wildlife park. Meet over 140 mysterious inhabitants by taking photos and interacting with the world.

Founded in 1952 by the supremely honourable Sir Rubertus Penko, Penko Park was designed to be The Greatest Wildlife Park Ever Built. Sadly, the park was abandoned, but you’ve been given the opportunity to enjoy a personal tour by resident guide Penki and can record pictures of your travels with your complimentary Penko Snap-A-Lot 9000 device.

• Snap magnificent shots and discover the creatures' most interesting poses
• Collect wildlife details & snapshots in your trusty park guidebook
• Uncover the park’s history, secrets and many hidden paths
• Use your trusty Penko Grappling Hand to interact with the environment GIr61hsWZXU

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