New World unleashes Barnacles & Black Powder

Amazon Games
The Barnacles & Black Powder expedition went live in New World today.

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From Amazon Games:
Barnacles & Black Powder

In the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, Quest givers will be looking to offer players loot and renown for defeating the despicable Admiral Blackpowder and his dastardly crew. The new expedition also introduces 3 new Mutators:

• Icebound: Icebound features mutations that deal Ice damage, apply slow, and spawn glacial crystals with area effects.

• Oppressive: Enemies gain powerful abilities like mana drains and zones of silence, which prevent ability usage for a short period of time.

• Frenzied: This variant applies Curses to players that dodge. Curses stack up and deal damage over time. When Frenzied reaches 3 stacks, it detonates. This explosion deals additional damage to the player and leaves an elemental damage area of effect.

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