One Piece Day is two days in July

Bandai Namco
One Piece Day will livesteam over the course of two days, from July 22nd through July 23rd.

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From Bandai Namco:

One Piece Day will be streamed for fans worldwide and will cover all things One Piece, including the manga, anime, movies, music, games, goods, and more.

Day 1 (7/22 - 1:50AM(PDT) 8:50 AM (UTC)), which coincides with One Piece's anniversary, will feature a portion of the world premiere event of "ONEPIECEFILM: RED" (official release on August 6) at the Nippon Budokan in Japan via livestream.

Day 2 (7/23 - 6:00PM(PDT) 1:00 AM (UTC)) will be packed full of content celebrating the 25th anniversary of One Piece (since first being published in 1997 in Shueisha's "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 34) for fans from all around the world to enjoy. Brand-new and exciting information will also be unveiled, so we hope you'll look forward to it.

Day 1
·Broadcast Date & Time: 7/22/2022 (Fri) 1:50 AM (PDT) 8:50 AM (UTC)
·Broadcast Link:

Day 2
·Broadcast Date & Time: 7/22/2022 (Fri) 6:00 PM (PDT) 1:00 AM (UTC)
·Broadcast Link:

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