Chivalry 2 celebrating Midsommar

Torn Banner Studios
The Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event launched on all platforms today.

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From Torn Banner Studios:

The Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event welcomes players to the fields of Aberfell where Mason druid warlords and peasantry are hosting a festival that would make any Agathian shriek in terror – and everyone’s invited! Join the fearsome festivities and dive into a brand-new Brawl Mode map in this limited time special event. In Chivalry 2’s Brawl Mode, if you can pick it up, it’s a weapon. Leave your swords and axes at the door and use your fists, chairs, beehives, caskets, and anything you can pick-up for an all-out brawl!

New Carryables (aka Brawl Mode Weapons!)
• Midsommar Pole
• Wood Hammer
• Flower Vase

New Environmental Objects
• Mini Catapult (Interactable)
• Straw Figures
• Totem Poles

New Seasonal Helmets
• Bear Mask
• Flower Crown

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