Jessie’s Wasteland Wares sets-up shop in DEADCRAFT

The Jessie’s Wasteland Wares DLC for DEADCRAFT is now available.

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From XSEED Games:

Scavenge! Slay! Sell! Get a new perspective on the post-apocalyptic wasteland by setting up shop and stepping into the shoes of the eccentric Jessie, the Ark’s resident nurse. Ever devoted to her beloved lady Duna, Jessie will leap into action pigtails-first to get whatever Duna needs. She’ll slay enemies and scavenge for materials to craft and sell to the consumers of the Ark, all in the name of raising money for Miss Duna. Fend off thieves, negotiate sales with picky customers, and make sure to restock the store with key items that only Jessie can craft. So cinch up her apron, holster up her trusty shotgun, and whatever you do…don’t disappoint Duna!

The DLC is a stand-alone adventure and does not require players to have completed the main story of DEADCRAFT, though it does contain spoilers for players who haven’t finished Reid’s adventures.


• Farm the Dead to Stay Alive ? Plant fresh corpses (or just a combination of limbs) into the ground and give them a little TLC until they sprout into an undead army of infantry, sentries, and more!

• Creeptastic Crafting ? Surviving the apocalypse sometimes means using whatever scraps one can find to make new weapons. Other times it means enlisting a loyal undead to assist in building and running an entire factory of grotesque machinery churning out an unholy amalgamation of survival items.

• Death-Defying Powers of the Undead ? Reid’s zombie side gives him a powerful advantage in a fight, allowing him to shield himself from danger or swat enemies away like annoying gnats. But as each devoured enemy pushes him closer to his zombie side, he’ll have to take care to maintain what little humanity he has left.

• Become a Savior...or a Scourge ? Help out other survivors to learn new recipes or abilities. But if Reid’s hard up for money or supplies, shake down a local and take it off them…as long as he doesn’t mind potentially becoming a wanted man.

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