DEADCRAFT drops first DLC

It Came From the Junkyard is now available for DEADCRAFT on all platforms.

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From XSEED Games:
It Came From the Junkyard

Inspired by the additional stories often included at the end of manga, “It Came From the Junkyard” introduces a new post-game storyline as the King of the Dead, Revenant, and his zombie army plan to invade the Ark. To defend humanity from this new existential threat, Reid will need to team up with his friends and venture deep into the Junkyard using his zombie powers, wits, and arsenal of crafted weapons. Help Reid save humanity from Revenant, and stop the undead from claiming the last remnants of humanity!

DEADCRAFT’s second DLC pack, “Jessie’s Wasteland Wares,” will release digitally on all platforms on June 16, 2022. This new game mode gives players a different perspective on the post-apocalyptic wasteland as they slip on the shoes of the eccentric nurse, Jessie. Together with her teddy-bear companion, Jessie is tasked with raising funds for her beloved lady Duna, never questioning the requests from the object of her obsession.

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