Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition adds new civs

The Knights of the Mediterranean DLC for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is now available, adding Italy and Malta to the game.

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From Xbox:
Knights of the Mediterranean

Control the Mediterranean with two new and exciting civilizations: the Italians and the Maltese, plus enjoy a whole slew of new maps, and some engaging game modes! So, pick your favorite civs because it’s game on! We’re celebrating with a new event and there are some awesome features landing too! Take a look:

 · 2 new Civilizations
 · A New Event with 31 Challenges
 · 30 new Random Maps
 · 9 new Minor Civilizations
 · 8 Historical Maps
 · Diplomacy Game mode
 · Tycoon Game mode

New Civ – Italians

Unite a wealthy but splintered Italy while new Settlers flock to your booming empire with every technological breakthrough, and Architects construct buildings for free!

Invest at the Lombard to optimize your economy and turn a quick profit, or construct a towering Basilica and send Papal soldiers to strengthen and complement your army!

Use shielded Pavisiers to lure opponents into an ambush of Bersaglieri, or let Elmetti lower their lances and carry the day with a thundering charge!

New Civ – Maltese

Guard the Mediterranean against incursions with unique fortifications, don shining armor to fend off attacks, and shell opponents from afar with Fixed Guns.

Fire Throwers and greatswords win battles, but the superior logistics of your Commandery win wars. Luckily, you can have both!

Fighting at sea with Order Galleys may wet the gunpowder, but your Arbalesters won’t mind. You can always restock at a Gunpowder Depot, or blow it up when an enemy army marches past!

New Historical Maps

Historical Maps are a new variation of Random Maps. Randomly generated for endless replayability, but with unique objectives for each map, based on some of the most memorable conflicts on the European continent.

 · The Italian Wars
 · Eighty Years’ War
 · The Deluge
 · Great Turkish War
 · Great Northern War
 · Napoleonic Wars
 · Russo-Turkish Wars
 · The Thirty Years’ War (multiplayer only)

New Minor Civilizations – European Royal Houses

With the Introduction of over 30 new European Maps, 9 new Minor Civilizations enter the game, adding an arsenal of unique new units, technologies, and abilities.

Representing larger entities whose influence transcended national borders rather than individual people-groups, European Royal Houses thematically blur the lines between major and minor civilizations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. Like Native American Settlements, Asian Holy Sites, and African Kingdoms, a Trading Post must be built on European Royal Houses’ Palaces to ally with them. Royal Houses provide a unique ability and more units and technologies on average than other minor civilizations, but these are staggered across multiple ages rather than being available in the Exploration Age. These assets are quite impactful and the units often utilize novel mechanics – such as unit promotions, charged actions, (dis)mounting, and damage deflection – but tend to come at a higher cost than their counterparts.

 · Royal Houses
 · House of Bourbon
 · House of Wittelsbach
 · House of Oldenburg
 · House of Hanover
 · House of Phanar
 · House of Jagiellon
 · House of Vasa
 · House of Habsburg
 · House of Wettin

New Game Mode – Diplomacy

A brand new way to experience Multiplayer with your friends. Allowing players to change their allegiance to other players during the course of the match. Negotiate with your friends over war & peace… and make them pay for it!

This new diplomacy mode is available for all existing random maps! Additionally, one map has been specially crafted around this game mode, the multi-player exclusive diplomacy map “Thirty Years’ War“.

New Game Mode – Tycoon

Tycoon is a new Game Mode to accompany Supremacy, Deathmatch and Empire Wars.

Designed to focus on the economy-building of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, this new Game Mode provides a setting where players concentrate on creating the strongest economies for their empires, without having to bolster armies or defend against full-scale sieges.

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