Overwatch being remixed again

Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch Remix: Vol. 2 anniversary event launched today and will run through June 7th.

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From Blizzard Entertainment:

It’s the sixth anniversary of Overwatch, and we are expanding the annual event into a three-volume series. Let’s up the tempo with Volume 2, featuring new remixed Legendary skins like Poison Dart Lucio, Dark Wolf Hanzo, Hydra Symmetra, and more. We are also bringing back past weekly challenges in case you missed out on these stylish skins: Dr. Ziegler Mercy, Mardi Gras Ashe, and Maestro Sigma. Play Overwatch Remix: Vol. 2 May 17 – June 7 to secure these legendary skins, earn weekly rewards, and play all of your favorite seasonal brawls.

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