Falling Stars falls on stores

Agetec today announced that Falling Stars for the PlayStation 2 has shipped.


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From Agetec:

"Falling Stars is a great game the whole family will appreciate," said Mark Johnson, Producer at Agetec. "Its cute characters, fun quests, and challenging mini-games are something kids will really enjoy, while the lack of blood and gore usually found in games will prove to be a pleasant change for parents."

In Falling Stars, players take on the role of Luna, a young girl living in Dazzleon, a land that knows no evil. All of this changes when Luna’s Uncle Matt comes to visit and discovers a curiously strange mine. Matt, intrigued by the mine, decides to make Dazzleon his new home and strikes up his own investigation. He slowly starts becoming possessed by the mine and begins obsessively performing evil experiments. Soon, Matt turns his attention onto his cute and loveable pets, eventually turning them all into hideous and evil monsters. Shortly after realizing her uncle’s lost all the good in his heart, Luna decides to take it upon herself to save him from his own madness and prevent Dazzleon from suffering a gruesome fate.


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