Halo Infinite unleashes the Lone Wolves

Lone Wolves: Season 2 is now available for Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode.

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From Xbox:
Lone Wolves

Starting today, players can jump in with fresh content including new maps, modes, themed limited-time events, and an all-new premium Battle Pass that never expires.

Season 2 sees a new narrative begin to unfold: Cortana’s dominion has ended, and the Banished rushed to fill the void, decimating all who stand in their way. Spartan Commander Agryna is preparing a new generation of Spartans to face them — and perhaps even more dangerous foes. But a few scattered Spartans remain in the field. These Spartans are rugged and resourceful. Hunters in the dark. And they call themselves… Lone Wolves.

These Lone Wolves are at the center of Season 2’s all-new Battle Pass, featuring 100 tiers of rewards with an emphasis on the free armor core RAKSHASA. Epitomizing the’ Lone Wolves’ spirit, this core incorporates scrapped, damaged, or otherwise discarded UNSC and Banished Equipment to create a distinctive battlefield-manufactured look that stands apart from other Spartan armors. Also featured among the premium rewards are 1,000 Halo Credits for use in the in-game shop, as well as other customization options and effects for your Spartan.

Play matches, earn XP and unlock rewards at your own pace: once purchased, the Premium Battle Pass is yours to keep and complete at your leisure. If purchased the Season 1 Battle Pass but haven’t completed it, you can choose to level it up for rewards you missed, and switch between Passes whenever you like.

Season 2 introduces two brand-new maps to the rotation – Arena map ‘Catalyst’ and a new Big Team Battle map in ‘Breaker.’ ‘Catalyst’ sees players battling in the cavernous depths of an abandoned Forerunner structure: tight hallways, raised catwalks and perilously exposed light-bridges that weave throughout overgrown ruins and towering waterfalls. Meanwhile, ‘Breaker’ is set amongst a Banished salvage yard featuring a massive, deadly plasma cannon, open passageways and soaring mechanical structures that work together to foster Halo’s beloved big-team mayhem.

These maps are home to three brand-new modes for Season 2:

 · The king returns with an iteration on one of Halo’s most iconic modes — King of the Hill — where players compete over a “hill zone” that brings the team actively controlling it closer to victory with each passing second.

 · The star of the Lone Wolves event is ‘Last Spartan Standing,’ a free-for-all attrition-based mode pitting 12 Spartans against each other in a fight to be the Lone Wolf left standing.

 · The all-new Fracture: Entrenched event brings with it ’Land Grab,’ an objective-based arena mode where players fight for control over three neutral zones – earning points for each capture.

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