The egg hunt has begun

IO Interactive
HITMAN 3 launched its Berlin Egg Hunt event today.

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From IO Interactive:
Berlin Egg Hunt

In this Easter-themed event, Agent 47 heads to Berlin to attend an exclusive Club Hölle event, where the location has been transformed for the Egg Hunt. Players must capitalize on their knowledge of the club’s exterior because the event is at capacity and all the action takes place in the less-explored surrounding areas.

Get ready for a seasonal twist to the Berlin location with new decorations and graffiti, a series of unique objectives, new gameplay items to collect and use (eggs!), unique targets, and an unlockable suit, which is permanently added to the inventory (if players haven’t unlocked the suit last year, they’ll have the chance now).

The Berlin Egg Hunt is available to play now. It is permanent for all owners of HITMAN 3 and timed for all HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack Players, concluding on May 2.

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