Dying Light 2 adding new parkour challenges

New parkour challenges are coming to Dying Light 2 this Thursday, March 17th.

The Mercury
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From Techland:

On Thursday, March 17, you will be able to face four new amazing trials specially prepared by Techland for every Pilgrim out there:

1. Suspension of Disbelief - This challenge will test your wall-running skills in the heart of Central Loop!

2. Grakour - This challenge in Old Villedor will check all your basic skills so don’t make any mistakes or you’ll be kissing the gold medal goodbye!

3. Stroll on the river - Ready to get soaked?

4. My Whole World is a Glider - Fly Pilgrim... Fly high over the chemical areas and try not to fall, or at least not too hard!

But this is not all! Techland have also prepared a new series, At The Fish Eye, which will focus on post-launch activities for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the developers' lives, and entertainment straight from The City. In the first episode, several Techland developers will face each other in four challenges to earn a prize and the title of the first Techland Nightrunner.

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