PUBG: Battlegrounds testing new tactical gear

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 16.2 is now available for play on the game's test server.

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Tactical Gear

In addition to introducing new Tactical Gear and an updated Map Service Plan, the update kicks off the first new Survivor Pass since the game transitioned to F2P in January. Update 16.2 is currently available on PUBG: Battlegrounds Test Server.

• Survivor Pass – Punk Wave: It’s finally here. The first new Survivor Pass since PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS transitioned to F2P launches with Update 16.2. This pass features a “punk” theme and will allow players to earn a variety of rewards and items as they progress through it.

• New Tactical Gear: Update 16.2 also brings new Tactical Gear into the mix with the Tactical Pack and Spotter Scope!
o The Tactical Pack allows Survivors to store almost any type of item and come up with new and creative playstyles not previously seen in the game.
o The Spotter Scope is a new mid-range scouting Tactical Gear that’s a special set of binoculars. It will help players spy and mark their competitors while also allowing for non-verbal communication with their squad!

• Map Service Plan: With 16.2, map rotations will see an adjustment as Sanhok will be replaced with Haven in this update’s rotation for Normal Matches. Prepare to battle newly-added bots, enemy players and the Pillar in the return of the industrial island, Haven!
o Normal Match
o Ranked Match

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