Crossfire: Legion releases demo

Prime Matter
The RTS game Crossfire: Legion today released a demo as a part of Steam Next Fest.

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From Prime Matter:

Battle across three challenging maps in diverse settings and choose one of three factions and take control of their unique commander.

Fans of the game know about two of the factions already, but today marks the unveiling of the third faction – New Horizon – a global syndicate of corporations intent on transcending the limitations of humanity through the advancement, implementation, and integration of AI technology within all aspects of society.

Complimenting (or should that be combating?) New Horizon are the other factions:

• Global Risk - a mercenary organization commissioned by world governments to settle global cases and disputes while maintaining their control over the planet's resources.

• Black List - a secretive break-away mercenary group by members disillusioned with the corrupt policies of Global Risk.

RTS aficionados – and newcomers to the genre – will be able to jump right in and feel the adrenaline rush of conflict.

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