Apex Legends: Defiance launching soon

Respawn Entertainment
The Defiance update for Apex Legends will launch on all platforms on February 8th.

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From Respawn Entertainment:

On February 8, Respawn Entertainment will unveil Apex Legends: Defiance, the latest major update to the award-winning hero shooter, featuring the brand new limited-time mode Control, new Legend Mad Maggie, a new Battle Pass and more.

• New Mode Control - This new limited time mode, available for the first three weeks of Defiance, gives players an entirely new way to enjoy Apex Legends. Delivering an adrenaline-fueled 9v9 battle, Control gives two teams the chance to fight to capture and control points on the map. Teamwork is imperative for a win as the mode features the largest teams to date and requires Legends to find new ways to get the best out of their squads.

• New Legend Mad Maggie - After a speedy and fair trial, war criminal, and a cutthroat punk-rock warlord, Mad Maggie has been sentenced to die in Apex Legends. What she lacks in empathy and basic human decency, she makes up for in stubbornness and raw ferocity. While her impotent rage is delaying the inevitable, it’s sure to keep us all entertained.

• Sabotaged Olympus - A dastardly sneak-attack orchestrated by new Legend Mad Maggie has wreaked havoc on Olympus, teleporting objects and buildings across the city. As Mad Maggie’s sabotage has upended the natural order, Legends will need to adapt to their new surroundings to have any hope of surviving.

• New Battle Pass - Thanks to bold new leadership, the Apex Games will be more exciting than ever! Legends will have the opportunity to express themselves to their heart’s content with new cosmetics, music packs, loading screens, emotes and much more.

• Three-Year Anniversary Celebration - For the first three weeks of Defiance, Legends can join in on Apex Legends third anniversary celebrations by claiming login rewards including Legend unlocks and more!

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