Monster Hunter Rise joins Mega Man X DiVE

Mega Man X DiVE players on Steam can now play a limited-time Monster Hunter Rise quest.

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From Capcom:
On January 20, the popular side-scrolling action game MEGA MAN X DiVE leapt from mobile devices to PC via Steam in North America! Garnering over eight million downloads since it was originally published in 2020, MEGA MAN X DiVE takes place in the computer world of the Mega Man X series called the “Deep Log.” When this data server begins to malfunction, “Mavericks” appear and start destroying the computer world, even corrupting the characters’ memories of the Mega Man X series. As the computer world devolves into chaos, it is up to players to urgently repair the corrupted data. Once players step into the “Deep Log,” they will be able to play as characters from Mega Man X: Command Mission and the Mega Man X series including X, Zero, Axl and even bosses!

To celebrate the Steam version launch in North America, newcomers will receive 50 free spins for a chance to draw their favorite character from the Mega Man X series. Players can also join in the celebration through a brand new collaboration with Capcom’s popular action RPG Monster Hunter Rise. New players on Steam will be able to join the limited-time “Urgent! Support needed at Shrine Ruins” Event Quest for a chance to collect collaboration characters. Players can unlock Zero in a Crimson Valstrax Armor Set (based off the Crimson Glow Valstrax armor seen in Monster Hunter Rise) and Iris in Zinogre armor while facing off against data versions of Tigrex and Chameleos that will delight any fans of the Monster Hunter series!

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