Crossfire: Legion announces open beta

Prime Matter
Crossfire: Legion will be releasing on Steam Early Access this spring, but is hosting an open beta beforehand and has opened signups.

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From Prime Matter:

Players who would like to test out Crossfire: Legion may do so by registering for the chance to join the Beta Test. If approved, they have the opportunity to choose from one of two factions - Blacklist or Global Risk – along with the respective commander. They’ll then be able to battle it out across two diverse maps in either 1v1 or 3v3 multiplayer.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a brand-new trailer teasing the upcoming game and giving players a sneak peek of the characters in action.

For more information including sign-ups for a chance to participate in the Beta Test please visit:

Crossfire: Legion is going into Early Access in Spring 2022. Going into Early Access will allow players across the world to experience a true modern-day action RTS - with a historical nod to the original games that defined the genre - allowing them to shape and define the game; from game modes to maps and units.

The game is being developed by Canadian developers Blackbird Interactive. Maurice Grela, Game Designer, said community and player feedback was a key element on how they wanted the game to shape up.

“RTS gamers know what they want and what a modern-day game should deliver. Who better to make sure that we are in sync? We are offering all fans of the genre the chance to be involved in how we grow the game. We have some great features and game modes to reveal to you over the next months and look to add a wealth of content as we enter Early Access.”

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