Crystal Clash crashes onto Steam

Crunchy Leaf Games
The free-to-play MOBA deck-builder launched on Steam today.

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From Crunchy Leaf Games:

Crystal Clash is a Lane Battle game at its heart. Influenced by popular Warcraft and Starcraft mods, the game is an action-packed mix of MOBA, tower defense, and deck building.

In Crystal Clash, you can join forces with a friend for 2v2 or Co-op, or pair up with new allies and enemies for action-packed clashes. By winning battles, you collect cards, build your decks and learn the best strategies to crush your enemies!

“The fans have been waiting for this for a long time. We’re excited to finally give them what they want!” says Max Dohme of Crunchy Leaf Games.

Based on the previously published Rise of Legions, Crystal Clash has been carefully rebalanced with 2v2 and Co-op as its new focus. The game contains over 100 unique cards from five different legions, which can be combined to create your own tactics and strategies.

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