It's getting Cloudy in Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang Studios
The free Cloudy Climb update is now available for Minecraft Dungeons, and with it the launch of the game's first seasonal adventure.

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From Mojang Studios:

The doors are now open for you to enter the mysterious, soaring Tower and experience the first of Minecraft Dungeons’ Seasonal Adventures that include rewards, challenges, and more!

Start Climbing Today

For you adventure seekers, allow us to introduce you to… the Tower! With 30+ floors full of mobs and bosses, each one more difficult than the last, your skills will truly be put to the test as you face off with challenging foes like Tower Wraiths and Tower Guards, more powerful versions than those you have encountered before, and who come armed with new and more dangerous attacks for you to learn to counter if you hope to continue your climb to the top.

Earn Amazing Rewards and Your Adventure Rank

Starting off as a base character with no access to your previous gear, unlocking new and more powerful weapons, armor, and artifacts the higher you climb to help you on your journey. There is also an all-new progression system where you unlock seasonal rewards through time-limited challenges. Embarking on these new challenges will make you eligible to earn various rewards and Adventure Points that you can use to unlock a range of post-game rewards to use on your avatar. This folds up into what will be known as your Adventure Rank that will let you unlock even more rewards like skins, capes, and emotes to name a few. Rewards will vary from season to season, taking on new themes, and Cloudy Climb is just the start of this new Minecraft Dungeons adventure.

Get the Adventure Pass

Want to make each step to the top feel extra rewarding? Pick up the Adventure Pass to unlock an additional reward track that comes with exclusive pets, skins, emotes, and more! You can pick up the Adventure Pass at any point during your journey. As each new season arrives, you’ll still be able to progress through a previous season’s reward tracks – just in case you’re arriving late to the Cloudy Climb party.

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