Aliens: Fireteam Elite is on point

Cold Iron Studios
Season 2 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Point Defense, is now live.

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From Cold Iron Studios:
Point Defense

Season 2 includes free items for all players, including a new mode called Point Defense. This fast-paced alternative to Horde Mode, will challenge players in a new survival-based defensive match where your fireteam must protect, repair, and hold 3 different strategic points through multiple attack waves from the Xenomorph hive. Players may buy temporary consumables to even the odds by utilizing Fabrication Points earned during the mode and can unlock up to 20 new rewards by completing the mode at various difficulties.

Season 2: Point Defense features the following free content:

• New Game Mode: Point Defense.

• New Feature: Lifetime Stats

• New weapons, attachments, and cosmetics added to the game as Point Defense rewards or at the in-game store.
o 4 New Weapons
o 13 New Attachments
o New Cosmetics:
- 2 Head Accessories
- 3 Weapon Colorways
- 5 Decals
- 5 Emotes

The second Endeavor Pass content is also available today. The Nostromo Salvage Pack contains the following content:

• Two “Nostromo” themed outfits for each class kit (12 total)

• 4 Head Accessories

• 8 Weapon Colorways

• 4 Decals

• 4 Emotes

• 1 Pack of 3 Consumables

• 1 Credits Pack
o 12K Requisition Credits
o 750 Reputation Scrip

• 1 Pack of 3 Challenge Cards

The complete 4-DLC Endeavor Pass is included with the Deluxe Edition of the game, available for $69.99. Individual Endeavor Pass cosmetic DLC packs are available separately for $9.99 each. The Standard Edition of the game is available for $39.99, with an option to upgrade this to the Deluxe Edition.

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