Destiny 2 celebrating Bungie's 30th

Bungie 30th Anniversary content is now live in Destiny 2.

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From Bungie:
Bungie 30th Anniversary

Bungie is celebrating three decades of excellent games, epic stories, and a wonderful community with the release of new content in Destiny 2. Starting today, all Guardians can jump into the game to access free 30th anniversary content, including a new free 6-player matchmade activity, hidden secrets, collectable rewards, and more.

Players who want to experience even more of the 30th anniversary fun can pick up the Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, where they can delve into the new Loot Cave-inspired Dungeon on the Cosmodrome, indulge in nostalgia by earning the classic Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn along with its catalyst, and collect new and classic gear, including:

• Myth Claymore Sword
• Legendary Destiny 1 weapons
• Thorn-themed armor
• Exotic Gjallarswift Sparrow
• Marathon-Themed Armor
• Bungie-themed streetwear-inspired armor
• And more!

No spoilers! Guardians will be on their own to discover the 30th Anniversary Pack’s secrets.

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