More Caves & Cliffs come to Minecraft

Mojang Studios
Caves & Cliffs: Part II was released for Minecraft today.

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From Mojang Studios:
Caves & Cliffs: Part II

Don’t call it a comeback! No seriously, don’t. It’s not even a sequel. It’s the second part of the enormous, incredible, much-anticipated-if-we-are-counting-comments-and-we-would-if-we-could-count-that-high Caves & Cliffs Update!

Where are you going to begin? Are you going to channel your inner spelunker and burrow into elaborate cave systems? Will you be scaling the higher-than-ever mountains? Maybe you’ve been dreaming big and will go straight into mining large ore veins? You can find me in a dripstone cave, challenging the stalagmites to a staring contest.

As you can tell, there is so much to explore in Part II. The Overworld is getting new terrain generation, an increased world height, dripstone caves, lush caves, larger ore veins, candles, and friendlier goats. OK, that last one was technically a lie but only because I am now living in constant fear of being rammed off the side of a mountain. Fun fact – this concern predates Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I! You can read more about all of these changes in this FAQ.

We were so excited for the second part of this monumental update that we went ahead and prepared some Character Creator items. They will be available for free in Minecraft Marketplace until November 30, 2023, so grab them before that date and spelunk in style forever!

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