Tails of Iron gets its whiskers bloodied

United Label
The Bloody Whiskers expansion for Tails of Iron is now available as part of a free update for the game.

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From United Label:

The free expansion introduces a new post-game questline, two additional difficulty modes, five new bosses, a selection of special armours and weapons, and a secret that was perhaps better left forgotten… as showcased in the latest action-packed trailer below:

With the tyrannical Greenwart now defeated, King Redgi’s vast lands chime with celebration. But the recently crowned saviour isn’t free to rest easy on his throne just yet. As decreed by an ancient Rat tradition, the new King must prove his worth… in a deadly trial of combat.

Join Redgi as he battles to defeat the most lethal warriors from across the land to claim the key to the old King’s room and discover the heinous secret that lurks within. This means that players will finally gain access to the infamous ‘locked door’; something that has generated much speculation and intrigue within the player community.

The new, aptly named “Bloody Whiskers” difficulty mode pumps a double shot of bug juice in Tails of Iron, making it a far more difficult experience, designed for those with only the most iron of wills. As for those looking for a safer passage through the story, the far-less-brutal “Fairy Tail” mode is also now available, allowing players to immerse themselves in the rich narrative and lovingly crafted hand-drawn world.

The Tails of Iron “Bloody Whiskers” DLC includes:

? Free to download on all platforms for players who already own Tails of Iron
? Extended main story questline
? Five new gruesome and dramatic boss fights
? Five new outfits (includes the previously available Halloween outfit skins)
? Five new weapon skins (includes the previously available Halloween weapon skins)
? Two new beautiful rooms to explore, including the mysterious and previously locked King’s Chambers
? Two new difficulty modes:
o “Bloody Whiskers” – Hard Mode (not for the faint of whisker)
o “Fairy Tail” – Easy mode (for players wanting to experience the story without peril)

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