Quiccs Blankos joining the Block Party

Quiccs Maiquez has designed two limited-edition Blankos for Blankos Block Party.

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From Mythical:

Award-winning toy designer, graffiti artist and illustrator Quiccs Maiquez (QUICCS) is bringing his iconic work to Blankos Block Party, the free-to-play party game from Mythical, where players can compete in and explore a variety of unique minigames, with levels including racing, shooting, tag, collection and more. Two new limited-edition, limited-quantity Blankos designed by Quiccs will join the cast of rare digital collectible vinyl toys, along with a mask accessory, all inspired by the artist’s love of Japanese robot culture.


The collection, which features Quiccs’ iconic flagship character TEQ63, will drop over three days next week, with one item released at 3 p.m. PDT / 6 p.m. EDT / 10 p.m. GMT each day:
• Monday, Sept. 27: TEQ63 [GHOST WHITE] Blanko ($224.99, 1200 minted)
• Tuesday, Sept. 28: TEQ63 [OG BLK] Blanko ($224.99, 1200 minted)
• Wednesday, Sept. 29: Bulletpunk Mask, available in both [GHOST WHITE] and [OG BLK] ($49.99, 1200 of each colorway minted)

In the inclusive and creative world of Blankos Block Party, where players truly own what they buy or earn in-game, these unique mech-inspired digital vinyl toys will be the newest in-game avatars added to a collection that includes recent drops by legendary fashion house Burberry and music artist Deadmau5. Unlike most games, where the value of your items is locked behind your account, in Blankos players can buy and sell their items for cash in the Mythical marketplace when they no longer want or need them. And because collectors truly own what they buy or earn in-game, they can take an active role in increasing the rarity and value of their digital items through customization, upgrades, competing in special events and more, giving them the opportunity to profit just by playing the game.

Digital items in Blankos Block Party, like the Quiccs collection, are playable NFTs that have the same utility as any skin or accessory you might buy or earn in another game, but through blockchain technology players unlock the real-world value of their time and money spent in game. Blankos Block Party and the Mythical Marketplace are built on a private EOSIO blockchain using a Proof of Authority model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the Proof of Work model (neither the game or marketplace use any crypto mining). Mythical partners with artists, creators and brands to bring these curated NFTs into the game, ensuring their partners are not only credited for their designs, but that they’re able to earn ongoing commissions for their work, even in secondary sales.

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