The future of Destiny will soon be revealed

As a part of Bungie Day today, Bungie revealed that it will reveal the future of Destiny on August 24th.

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From Bungie:
The future of Destiny

Happy Bungie Day! To celebrate our awesome community, a whole bunch of things are happening today and throughout the week.

Save the Date: We will reveal the future of Destiny on August 24. Come join us!

Bungie Foundation’s Giving Campaign: The Bungie community are the driving force behind all the good work we at Bungie seek to do for the people and world around us through the Bungie Foundation. By donating to the Bungie Foundation’s Giving Campaign between July 7 and July 20, you are helping us make an impact and proving that the Bungie community is the best there is.

With the goal of reaching $777,000 by July 20, we have the following in-game items up for grabs:
• $10+: 2020 “The Bungie Foundation” emblem
• $25+: Above, plus the NEW “Circadian Guard” emblem
• $50+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Buoyant Shell” Ghost Shell
• $75+: Above, plus NEW Exotic “Tiny Tank” emote

Bungie Store Sale: Starting today, save up to 50% off select merchandise and check out new items. Additionally, everyone who makes a purchase on the Bungie Store from now until the end of July 13 will receive an exclusive “Bungie Day 2021” emblem.

New Product Alert: For all the lore hungry Guardians out there, the Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume IV: The Royal Will is now open for pre-orders. This latest addition to our Grimoire Anthology unravels the making and methods of two of Destiny’s most powerful monarchs—Mara Sov, the Queen of the Awoken, and Oryx, the Taken King.

Stop by the Bungie Store to check out the full sale and new products, including new Community Artist Series merchandise from our community of amazing artists and more! Speaking of artists...

Bungie Memories & Art Show: Today, we want our amazing and talented community to reflect on and share their favorite Bungie moments with the rest of the community on social media. We ask our community to record themselves telling their favorite Bungie memory using #BungieMemories (try to keep it under one minute!). Additionally, skilled artists can share art about their favorite Bungie games using #BungieDayArt.

Free Emblem: As a small token of our gratitude to the community, we made a tasty Spicy Ramen emblem and it’s available right now, totally free!

For more info on Bungie Day activities, including details on how to redeem the free emblem, make sure to check the full blog post on

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