Season of Sloth roadmap released

IO Interactive
HITMAN 3's Season of Sloth roadmap was released today.

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From IO Interactive:
Season of Sloth

HITMAN 3's Season of Sloth has started and it's time to chill out, relax and indulge in Act 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC. Make every step count and conserve your energy for all the premium and free content coming your way.

Welcome to the Season of Sloth!

The Season of Sloth Roadmap (June 15 - July 19) includes:
• June 15: The Sloth Depletion Escalation (Dartmoor)
• June 17 - June 28: The Liability Berlin Elusive Target
• June 25 - July 4: Play Sapienza for FREE
• July 2 - July 12: The Twin Elusive Target
• Featured Contracts: F7SC (June 15), Outside Xtra (June 24) & the HITMAN community (July 8)
• July 20: Game Update
• Bonus Feature: Rubber Ducky Gun

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