Humankind launching closed beta

Humankind will be running a closed beta test, with guaranteed access being given to those who pre-order the game.

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From SEGA:

Our past OpenDevs have been more focused on the early game. Now, for the first-time, we're giving access through to the end of the Industrial era, or 200 turns, whichever comes first. This represents 5 out of the 6 total eras that will be in the game at launch.

• Try out 10 new industrial era cultures
• Exploit coal and oil to push your economy to new heights of productivity
• Build railways to cheaply and quickly move goods and troops
• Fight the biggest battles yet, support them with long range artillery bombardment, and take to the skies to keep an eye on your enemies!

Pre-purchasing HUMANKIND on the Steam or Epic Games Store will grant instant access to the Closed Beta when it starts.

Players can also watch their favorite streamers during the Closed Beta period; they'll be handing out keys via Twitch drops.

Watch the PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 13th at 14:30 PDT to find out more!

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