HITMAN 3 releases The Icon for free

IO Interactive
HITMAN 3 players can access the HITMAN bonus mission The Icon for free through May 23rd.

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From IO Interactive:

Agent 47 has traveled to Sapienza, which has been transformed into a movie set for the shooting of the upcoming superhero movie, The Icon.

The movie's director and lead actor is Dino Bosco, a washed up actor hoping The Icon will reinvigorate his career. However, Bosco's constant re-shoots and drive for perfection have pushed the film behind schedule and over budget, and the studio behind it, L'Avventura Pictures, is on the verge of going bankrupt. Unable to fire Bosco due to their contract with him, the company has contracted 47 to eliminate Bosco.

Beginning today through May 23rd all HITMAN 3 players can play The Icon mission in Sapienza for Free! The Icon is a bonus mission from the original HITMAN. Whether you own HITMAN 3 or the HITMAN 3 - Free Starter Pack, it’s time to dust off your Italian suit once again, and infiltrate the movie set in downtown Sapienza.

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