HITMAN 3 is proud of its latest roadmap

IO Interactive
IO Interactive today released its roadmap of content releases for the Pride DLC for HITMAN 3.

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From IO Interactive:
HITMAN 3 Pride DLC Roadmap

HITMAN 3’s latest season of content has arrived. The second DLC in the Seven Deadly Sins collection, Pride, goes live today. Pride and any of the past or future individual installments (including Greed) can be purchased individually for $4.99 or players can buy the whole Seven Deadly Sins collection for $29.99.

Pride includes:
• New Escalation Contract: The Pride Profusion
• Unlockable Suit - The Narcissus
• Unlockable Sin-Themed Weapons - The Proud Swashbuckler and The Majestic

Alongside the new DLC, the season of Pride will see a wave of content added to HITMAN 3:
• Escalation: The Sebastian Principle (May 10)
• Elusive Target: The Iconoclast (May 12-May 24)
• Featured Contract: Spawn On Me (May 20)
• Escalation: The Pascal Consortium (May 27)

• Featured Contracts: The Hitman Community (June 10)

The following content from HITMAN will be free for owners of HITMAN 3 and the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack during these windows:
• Bonus Mission: The Icon (May 14-May 23)
• Free Location: Paris (May 28- June 6)
• Elusive Target: The Black Hat (June 4 - June 13)

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