Dice Legacy rolls out this summer

The dice-based city builder survival game Dice Legacy is coming to PC and Switch this summer.

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From Ravenscourt:

Dice Legacy will explore new directions that shape the future of digital tabletop games with its unique combination of management and dice-based gameplay. The debut trailer gives viewers a first glimpse of the enigmatic ringworld and unique game mechanics of Dice Legacy. Watch as the ship lands on the shores of an uncharted continent and a first settlement takes root. The new land poses its own set of challenges that can be overcome by using the dice at hand or forging new, more powerful ones.

Dice Legacy is a roguelike survival city-builder. Players use dice to establish a medieval town in a fascinating ringworld and grow their society. View the announcement trailer on YouTube - https://youtu.be/vqxyurOKYIw

Every action is based on the roll of a six-sided dice, from planting and harvesting to establishing supply chains or combat. In Dice Legacy, the dice represent the work force. As a ruler, builder, conqueror or trader the players will need to provide for their dice with care or witness their subjects eventually fade away. Balancing exploration, resource gathering, building and conquering is key whilst the ever-present threat of mysterious factions looms in the fog of war.

Players will soon realize luck is nothing without a good strategy behind it – and dice versa.

“Dice Legacy is an incredibly innovative game and we're excited to partner with Ravenscourt on our quest to bring our love for dice to the masses," said Gian Paolo Vernocchi, Founder of DESTINYbit. "We blended the best elements of survival city builders, roguelikes and board games to create a unique mix. We're hoping that together with Ravenscourt we can bring our idea to a wider audience and hopefully kick the ball in a new direction for the industry and shape the future of digital tabletop style games.”

“It’s not often that a game as unique as Dice Legacy comes along and therefore it is a lovely addition to our Ravenscourt lineup, " added Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, Koch Media’s CEO. "It’s fascinating to play a game that shows us the dice rolls that usually happen in the background and stays true to its tabletop roots.”

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