Monster Hunter rises in Puzzle & Dragons

The Monster Hunter collaboration event in Puzzle & Dragons will run through April 8th.

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From GungHo:
Monster Hunter

Get ready to bring the Rath(alos)! All your favorite Elder Dragons and monsters are back, including Nergigante, Velkhana, and Alatreon. Players can collect these characters and more from the Monster Hunter Egg Machines. The Monster Exchange welcomes a few friendly faces, along with a new addition - the fluffy but fierce Palamute.

Earn rewards even greater than Elder Dragon Gems in four collaboration dungeons:

• Monster Hunter Collab Dungeon / Monster Hunter Collab 2 Dungeon - A Special Dungeon with six difficulty levels.

• Monster Hunter Challenge! - a One-Shot Dungeon that gives victorious Hunters one free pull from the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine.

• Multiplayer! Monster Hunter Collab! - a 3-Player Multiplayer Dungeon for a Hunter and their two best Felynes.

• Skill Leveling Dungeon Monster Hunter - Players can skill up their Monster Hunter collab characters in this dungeon if they use them on their team.

All players who log in to Puzzle & Dragons during this collab will receive one free pull from the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine. For those excited to fly high with the wyverns, the following Monster Hunter collab specials are available for purchase:

• 30 Magic Stones + 7 Monster Hunter Egg Machine - 30 Magic Stones and a guaranteed 7 Rarity character for $29.99 USD.

• 15 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Seregios Egg Machine - 15 Magic Stones and a guaranteed Seregios for $14.99 USD.

• 2 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Egg Machine - 2 Magic Stones and one pull from the Monster Hunter Egg Machine for $1.99 USD.

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