Rustler rustling onto consoles

Modus Games
Rustler, now on Steam Early Access, will also come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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From Modus Games:

Today’s news was accompanied by a brand-new gameplay trailer that showcases the absolutely wild ride that you will be embarking on. Take a look at the video, which provides a glimpse at your chance to betray literally everyone you know, pay a man to follow you around as a human stereo and generally be a problem:

In Rustler you’ll play as anti-hero Guy, a brigand determined to win The Grand Tournament for its grand prize of the princess’ hand in marriage, at all costs with the help of a tagalong ally Buddy. Might you have to steal a horse or two, or maybe perform a murder here and there? Maybe so. You will certainly be blowing things up while walking away in slow motion all the time, though.

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