Next Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass DLC pack revealed

2K Games
The Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack for Civilization VI will launch on Thursday, January 28th.

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From 2K Games:
The Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack requires Civilization VI to play and will be available to anyone who owns the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass or available for individual purchase for $8.99.

The Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack includes a new leader and civilization, Kublai Khan as a new alternate leader for China and Mongolia, a new game mode and a new district - the Preserve, which includes two new buildings in the Grove and the Sanctuary.

The new game mode is called Monopolies & Corporations*, bringing more robust economic gameplay that enables you to build an economic empire and live out your fantasies of swimming in pools of coins! With the new game mode, you'll be able to create an entire Industry around duplicate resources. Industries provide powerful buffs to their home cities and a steady supply of Great Merchant points; continue to collect more and you can level up an Industry to a Corporation. Your Corporations will allow you to create Products that are slotted into the Stock Exchange and Seaport buildings (like Great Works to Museums). If you do manage to dominate the global supply of a luxury resource, you can create a Monopoly, generating a massive amount of gold and Tourism.

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